Zyxel VES1724-56, 24-port VDSL2 Switch, 100Mbps/100Mbps over phone cable, AC input, AnnexA, Slave device P-870HN-51b

Kód: 409570-1
Značka: ZYXEL
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Zyxel VES1724-56, 24-port VDSL2 Switch, 100Mbps/100Mbps over phone cable, AC input, AnnexA, Slave device P-870HN-51b
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Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

24-port VDSL2 Switch, 100Mbps/100Mbps over phone cable, AC input, AnnexA, Slave device P-870HN-51b

Complies with VDSL2 standards including ITU-T G.993.2, G994.1 and G.997.1
A 24-port DSLAM with downstream/upstream performance of up to 100/100 Mbps (30a profile)
Comprehensive Triple Play functions
Complete QoS for service differentiation
VDSL2 bonding* & G.INP
ADSL2+ fallback & bonding*

Compact and Full-featured VDSL2 Technology
Compliant with ITU-T G.993.2, G994.1 and G.997.1
The VES1724 conforms to G.993.2, G994.1 and G.997.1 to ensure the interoperability with standard-compliant VDSL CPE.

Ultra high-speed transmission with 30a profile support
The VES1724 supports 30a profile with 100 Mbps in both upstream and downstream traffics. With two Gigabit combo ports to connect upper layer aggregation networks, the VES1724 can support low-concentration interconnection from the subscriber ports to the network interface ports.

Triple Play ready
The VES1724 supports IGMP snooping to prevent unnecessary forwarding of multicast traffic to all subscribers and thus optimizes bandwidth utilization for multicast applications such as broadcast video. The VES1724 also supports the multicast VLAN feature that distributes the source to all the VLANs requesting the video stream. With a built-in splitter over POTS, the VES1724 allows the operators to provide Triple Play services over the same copper wire.

Complete QoS for service differentiation
The VES1724 supports not only 802.1X port-based access control for subscriber authentication, but also defines a limited number of MAC addresses that can access the network from a particular port. With rate limiting on the subscriber ports allowing services to take advantage of 64 Kbps increments, service providers will be in a better position to offer tiered services.

System Specifications
•16K MAC addresses
•256 static MAC address filtering
•Port security
•Broadcast/Multicast/Destination Lookup fail storm control
•Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1D)
•QoS (IEEE 802.1P, 8 priority queues)
•Port-based and tag-based (IEEE 802.1Q) VLAN
•GVRP for automatic VLAN membership registration
•Link Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)
•IGMP snooping
•MIB II, RFC1493, 2674 and 1757 MIB, and private MIB
•Web management
•FTP for firmware upgrade
•CLI through Console port and telnet
•VDSL2 bonding*
•ADSL2+ fallback & bonding*
•G.INP (G.998.4)

Hardware Specifications
•19” rack mountable
•Front access: ? One Telco 50 for 24 VDSL ports
? One Telco 50 for 24 POST ports
? 2-slot 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet uplink/downlink
? 2-slot Gigabit fiber uplink/downlink (Combo)
? Built-in POTS splitter supports 600 ohm ETSI

•AC and DC dual power (Power Redundancy) ? AC input: 100V AC to 264V AC, 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
? DC input: -36V DC to -72V DC

Physical Specifications
•Item dimensions (WxDxH): 440 x 300 x 66 mm (17.32“ x 11.81” x 2.6“)
•Item weight: 5,000 g (11.05 lb.)
•Packing dimensions (WxDxH): 560 x 523 x 675 mm (22.04“ x 20.59“ x 26.57“)
•Packing weight: 6,700 g (14.81 lb.)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Environment
•Temperature: 0°C to 65°C (32°F to 149°F)
•Humidity: 10% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Storage Environment
•Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
•Humidity: 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)

•Safety ? EN60950-1
? CSA60950-1
? UL60950-1
? IEC60950-1

•EMC ? FCC Part 15 Class A
? EN55022 Class A
? ETSI300-386

*: support in future FW release

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Síťové prvky
Záruka: 730 dní
Hmotnost: 1 kg
Výrobce (switche): ZyXEL
Rychlost přenosu (switche): 10/100
Počet portů (switche): 24
Správa (switche): Managovatelný
PoE 802.3af (switche): Ne
SFP (switche): Ne
Výrobce (modemy): ZyXEL
Typ (modemy): VDSL
Wi-Fi (modemy): Ne

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