Fujitsu USB Port Replicator PR09

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Fujitsu USB Port Replicator PR09
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FUJITSU USB Port Replicator PR09 is the perfect solution for shared desk environments within a hyperconnected world. It connects your mobile system to your main peripherals with a single USB plug. This Port Replicator is equipped with the most powerful DisplayLink chipset supporting high performance video streaming with DualheadDisplayPort. Highest data throughput is guaranteed due to an USB Type-C based Gen2 Hub-Controller enabling up to 10Gbit/s data streaming. The newest version of USB Power Delivery chipset (PD3.0) provides powerful charging during your workday.

Main Features
Dualhead high-end graphics up to 4k
Singlehead up to 5k
Gigabit-LAN integrated
USB Type-C upstream
USB Power Delivery (PD3.0) ? Multiport USB 3.1 Gen1 DFP hub
Multiport USB 3.1 Gen2 DFP hub ? SPDIF digital audio 2.0

Developed for shared multi-vendor system workplaces
System independent investment protection (TCO)
Future proof & backwards compatible (e.g. to USB-A systems)
Easy IT integration (PXE / MAC spoofing support)
Mac Address Pass Through (MAPT) for Fujitsu Notebooks enabling MAPT in the BIOS from S3 or lower.
Fast one-cable connection for data and power
Global country certifications
Appealing design ID workplace device

Highest availability
Experience out of huge installed base of Fujitsu USB Port Replicators

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